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In order to register for the Mentor a Boy Child Program, you must, –

  • register your profile on the following website: (“Website”) and indicate whether you apply to become a Mentor, a Mentee, a donor or a volunteer;
  • submit your online application, supporting documentation and the signed accept the terms and conditions. By your acceptance, you confirm, and you warrant that you understand same.
  • You may only register once as a Mentee and a Mentor, Volunteer and Donor may register for various programs. A Mentor must provide accurate and truthful information at all times. Your acceptance of these Standard Terms and Conditions hereby consent to that MABC may use third parties to verifying any information..
  • In order to become a Mentor, you will be required to provide a copy of your ID, your qualifications and a police clearance not older than 6 months. You must have a verifiable track record and experience as advisor and be able and willing to communicate what you know, to a Mentee.
  • As part of your online application, whether as Mentor or Mentee, you will be requested to submit a short motivational letter, including your curriculum vitae (“CV”) and proof of qualifications (to the extent applicable), a minimum of two references. One reference should be a character reference and one business related reference, as well as any other information and/or documentation which the team may request from time to time.
  • If your application is successful, our office will notify you in writing using the contact details you provided during the application process.


  • We accept Mentor application from male and female who resides in Johannesburg
  • Mentors should be at least 24years of age and above, any variation will be at the discretion of MABC.
  • This is a voluntary application process and Mentors agree to give their time for free of any charge or expectations.
  • Mentors agrees to honour and commit to the number of Mentoring hours, and committed to the program for a minimum of 2 years for one-on-one Mentoring.
  • Mentors will attend an induction programme prior to commencing their role and are also encouraged to attend MABC Mentor development workshops and events. Only after the induction will the Mentor profile be approved and shared.
  • The Mentor undertakes to make themselves available to listen and respond to Mentees concerns about school, personal issues, Mentors are not counsellors and should not refer Mentees to other source of guidance or support. Anything outside of what was agreed must be communicated to MABC offices for guidance and further instruction.
  • Once the Mentoring application has been accepted, Mentors and Mentees will be admin-matched. Mentors will be introduced to their Mentees at MABC workshop.

During the first meeting the Mentors will discuss the boundaries of the relationship, as well as provide their contact details and personal introduction to the program.

  • Mentors will monitor their Mentoring sessions and give feedback to the Program Manager. Mentors are encouraged to give honest, constructive feedback and to challenge their Mentees to move out of their comfort zone.
  • Mentors duties will include, but not be limited to will be expected to, providing help Mentee’s set and achieve their learning and professional goals by providing support and encouragement, and guidance to ensure that Mentee’s stay on track.
  • Mentors are expected to travel and meet their Mentees for one-on-one Mentoring sessions at a place and time that is convenient and comfortable for both parties. Both parties must update the Program Manager on all their meetings and progress. Public places are recommended for the comfort and convenience of both parties.
  • Mentors need to communicate any delays or changes to agreed meeting times or venues timeously.
  • The Mentoring relationship will come to an end at the mutually agreed date,. Mentors and Mentees may continue with the Mentoring relationship outside of the MABC Mentoring program on mutual agreement.
  • Mentors must conduct his/her relationship with the Mentee in a professional manner and act with reasonable skill and care as may be expected of a professional person providing advice and guidance to the Mentee.
  • Mentor is not be obliged to provide or continue to participate as a Mentor to the Mentee. Any continuous Mentorship must be provided free must and continue to attend Sessions punctually.


  • Mentees must be the ages of 14 – 18 in and attending high school or equivalent educational institutions.
  • Mentees agrees to attend an induction program where they will be introduced to their Mentors, discuss and agree upon Mentoring boundaries.
  • Mentees must do their best to attend their sessions punctually, respond to their Mentors in an effective manner and conduct their Mentoring relationship in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Mentees are obliged to attend all session and complete all tasks assigned to them on time.
  • Mentees should always behave in a respectful and appropriate manner.
  • Mentees must be reminded that Mentors are not there to complete theirs tasks but to guide them in the right direction.
  • It is the Mentee’s responsibility to keep the Mentor informed of their progress and any challenges that may arise.
  • It remains Mentee’s responsibility to explore new and innovative ideas, strategies and approaches for the duration of the program and thereafter.
  • Mentee’s must be available for feedback or interviews as determined by the MABC office and respond timeously to emails that are relevant to the Program.
  • Mentees may not publish, post or release any information, commentary, content or images in relation to the Program, Confidential Information, or any information released by MABC on any social media platform.


  • Volunteers will conduct all activities with integrity and professionalism and will do not associate or cause MABC to be associated with any persons or organizations that may be to the detriment of MABC.
  • Volunteers will commit to the program for a minimum of 6 months and will attend MABC events quarterly.
  • Volunteer’s will respect all policies and procedures of the MABC and consider themselves bound by same.


  • “Volunteer Content” means any and all information and/or content that a volunteer submits to, or uses during their involvement with, Mentor a Boy Child website or information (e.g., content about the volunteer, photographs, or other postings).
  • The volunteer acknowledges that as part of their participation in the  MABC program they may, from time to time, submit photographs, audio testimonies, or blogs about their volunteer experiences with MABC. The volunteer hereby grants permission to MABC for the use of such photograph(s), audio recordings, print, videos, blogs, or electronic media in any presentation of any and all kind whatsoever. This may include, without limitation, quotes, photos, blogs, videos etc, on as well as MABC social networking pages. The volunteer acknowledges that Mentor a Boy Child will most likely use such recordings and images for advertising and marketing purposes and the volunteer gives permission to do so.
  • MABC reserves the right (but is under  no obligation) to review any content provided by the volunteer, and/or to take appropriate action against the volunteer at its  sole discretion. In the event that the volunteer violates any provision of these terms or otherwise creates liability for MABC or any other person associated with the program, MABC reserves the right to terminate its involvement with immediate effect. Such acts may include removing or modifying the content and/or terminating the volunteer’s access to MABC website and/or any of our volunteer services.


  • Donors should ensure that they understand MABC’s mission and the way the organisation intends to use the donated funds/goods.
  • Donors acknowledge and agree that MABC retains control over donated funds and that any disbursements shall be at the discretion of MABC.
  • It is the Donor’s responsibility to ensure that information provided is correct to process the donation.
  • MABC shall collect and maintain all records and information in a responsible and confidential manner.
  • MABC shall provide the Donor with newsletters and any relevant documentation.
  • Donors shall receive a receipt and will be issued with a Seaction 18A certificate (for Tax claiming purposes) confirming the donation, receipts shall be issued on request.
  • MABC shall provide any information with regards to your donation  on request.


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