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Building confidence in boyhood
Usually young girls are the focus of self-confidence building: the societal pressures of ideal body types, the pressure to be consistently ‘nice’ and ‘liked’, as well as restrictive gender roles all heavily contribute to a low self-image. Studies have even been done on how girls’ self-esteem plunges during puberty. A lack of self-confidence can follow...
Boys to (better) men: Boys don’t need fathers – they need positive male role models
Many South African boys, especially those from vulnerable communities, live in a home without a father – according to Statistics South Africa’s 2016 Community Survey, 64% of households have an absent biological father. While some studies show that fatherless children – boys in particular – experience issues like behavioural problems, poor academic performance, and drug...
How education can redefine what it means to be a man
The Good Men Project defines toxic masculinity as “the cultural ideal of manliness”; men are seen as strong, both physically and emotionally, while so-called feminine characteristics, such as emotional vulnerability, are seen as ‘weak’. But what if we looked at masculinity differently – and taught boys that it’s okay to be in touch with their...
Confident boys make better men
Many studies have linked violence in men to low self-esteem, and while self-esteem issues aren’t necessarily a predictor of violence, the roots of violent behaviour are often found in how men see themselves. According to a 2006 paper published in the South African Crime Quarterly, aggression in men is often linked to an insecure self-image,...


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