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Ending gender-based violence in South Africa starts with boys
  A woman is murdered every three hours in South Africa, and many are assaulted and raped before their death. Some of these casualties made headlines this year: Uyinene Mrwetyana, 19, was raped and killed by a male post office employee; boxing champion Leighandre Jegels was killed by her ex-boyfriend who had a protection order against...
Mentor A Boy Child hosts a workshop in Johannesburg
On the 31 August 2019, Mentor a Boy Child hosted their first workshop with the first cohort for 2019. The boys from Phafogang High School in Soweto, came in high spirits and were treated to stimulating conversations and inspirational talks by successful men who come from a similar environment as them. They were also taught...
Mentor A Boy Child launch successful
Mentor A Boy Child was successfully launched to the media, potential donors and partners on Wednesday 19th June 2019. The well-organised event that was professionally put together to demonstrate to the attendees the strength and the credibility of the ‘new’ organisation, was attended by the who’s who of media and notable successful business people whom...
Mentor A Boy Child to launch to media, potential donors, partners and other stakeholders
Following almost two years of registration and building of the organisation’s foundation, Mentor A Boy Child is set to officially launch to all its stakeholders. The event marks an important milestone for the organisation as the founders and the board believe it has built all the necessary processes and systems to ensure it is a...


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